Quick Wind Hydraulic Wire Winder and Post Lifter Hinged Joint Netting Plain

Improvements in methods of winding wire up on the farm is typically targeted to address issues of safety and productivity. Horsley Engineering’s continuous development has resulted in the core farming range. Featuring many time old jobs that have been long overdue for speed capacity and safety improvements.

The Quick Wind Wire Winder is an example of a highly developed tool with one man automated operation as a focus. The winder boasts many integrated safety elements and additional benefits. Safety has been designed into the winder by eliminating hazards with guards, safety latches, easy removal, neat storage of wire and smooth automation. Horsley Engineering has been able to assist the farmer to increase speed, reduce fatigue and improve safety without breaking the bank. Additionally, we review automation-related capacity and quality improving upgrades to existing methods by positioning a post lifter to the side that will pull out more than just the humble Y post.