Cattle Handling Yards Crushes Loading Ramps and Other Equipment


Proper handling of cattle is an essential component of producing quality animals and maintaining premium animal welfare standards. Good stress free handling of livestock increases product quality, animal health and vitality.

Properly designed and maintained handling facilities deliver a calmer more approachable animal that leaves the equipment without injury or incident to the stock or the handler. The basic element of design is to allow for good stock flow and a good solid barrier with practical and simple applications.

Horsley Wholesale and RedRiver have teamed up to deliver you the best solution for cattle handling with yards, crushes and equipment that have come from hands on, practical and extensive knowledge of cattle behaviour. This knowledge and understanding of cattle behaviour, gives way to the ability to predict an animal's response to any situation, leading the way to the best and most suitable solutions to all of your cattle handling needs.

Because of their size, strength, speed and potential for aggression , your ability to confidently, easily and swiftly work your cattle through a well designed, practical and robust equipment, gives you a lower probability of stress and injury to animals or people

We take great pride in removing all of the guess work out of your yards and handling equipment with the best design and quality on the market. 

RedRiver teamed up with Horsley Wholesale delivering you a safe and efficient way to manage your stock with superior quality and design every time.