Wire Spinner x 1

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Price: $180.00

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 Wire Spinner x 1


This wire spinner has recently been redesigned & much improved with a full smooth zinc treatment and a self locking system being added. It will have you fencing like a professional. Made from the highest grade materials and designed to be worked to the fullest, it is designed to withstand Australia’s toughest conditions for even longer than most of us.



·       Smooth grip action

·        The bottom supporting legs made from heavy wall RHS keeping the spinner stable.

·        The frame is made from two sections one completely cradling the wire, one on top as a skid rail totally avoiding unwanted tangles.

·        Heavy duty clutch spring to keep tension on your wire.

·        Positions for two rolls of barb that can be dispersed at once or one at a time.

·        A tie down point to the front of the spinner to allow the operator to drive and spin off wire.

·        This spinner weighs in at 21kg.

·        You would expect to pay over $325.00 for this spinner plus freight.

·        Ability to maneuver the spinner by turning on its side and rolling in a wheel like motion. Quality in both design and construction. 


Added bonus: NOW FULLY Zinc Coated for a much smoother finish.