Tread In Post- Multiwire Plastic x 10

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Tread In Post- Multiwire Plastic x 10

There is no simpler or faster way to hold your stock in. These posts will hold various types of electric fence cords and tapes, protecting your stock and making it very easy to contain them. Highly visible and giving your fence that professional look.  


Safety & Convenience and efficiency are what these posts are all about. 


Feature Packed:


  • Quality Made

  • UV stabilised

  • High visibility

  • Easy installation

  • Takes a variety of tapes as well as many varieties of wire and cord

  • Safe for the stock and you

  • Foot for easy treading in

  • 1000mm tall

  • Run several strands of wire quickly and easily

 Why This Product & Horsley Wholesale?


Horsley Wholesale believes that there is more to value for money than a product just being cheap. Often, "cheap" products are called that for a good reason. We much rather the best value for your money principal.


We refuse to sell an item just because it is cheap and will sell. We invest a lot of resources into finding true value for money where a product is well priced and worth every cent, if not more, than what you pay for it. We test our products, usually to breaking point, and don't release them until we are 100 % satisfied that they exceed general expectations.


These POSTs are a prime example of this strategy. We would rather spend our time providing excellent service to you, our customer, than waste time explaining why a lesser quality product has failed.