Gate Handle- SUPER x 1


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Super Gate Handle x 1 


·         Galvanised spring

·         Galvanised hook

·         Large shield to prevent shock

·         Compression handle

·         Super strong trace spring

·         Quality materials for long life

·         Designed for optimum performance

·        UV treated plastic

This super strong Gate Handle allows you to have a “Live” gate way when the Gate Handle is securely connected into the Gate Anchor and then have a “Dead” gate way when you remove the handle from the anchor. This avoids any nasty zaps when using the gate & also maintains the remainder of your fence line by not creating a short.

Simply connect a line of your hot wire back to an insulator on your gate post and tie your gate handle to the other end. Fix your gate anchor to the gate post on the opposite side to your insulator. Then connect a piece of insulated cable from you your live wire to the bolt provided on the anchor and use one of the 3 connection points on the steel plate to put your handle in.