Poultry Drinker- 4.0 L x 20- BULK BUY WHOLESALE PRICE

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Poultry Drinker- 4.0 L x 20 - BULK BUY WHOLESALE PRICE 

These drinkers are the same high quality as our feeders, these very practical drinkers include sturdy plastic designed to withstand our harsh climate conditions.

The 4.0L drinker will suit about 5 chooks allowing you the luxury of not having to change the water every day. It is a good idea to have a drinker that requires filling fairly regularly because, as you know, it is most important to your chooks health & well being to make sure that they have a fresh cool supply of water at all times. 


·        High Quality 

·        Practical 

·        Easy Clean 

·        Sturdy Plastic 

Please note that these will be unassembled.