Rain Gauge- 90mm


Price: $7.50

Plastic Rain Gauge- 90mm

Our rain gauges are built tough to survive the harshest climates in Australia. With its special UV formulation and simple innovative design our rain gauges may just outlast you. They are virtually unbreakable. Available in 3 sizes – 90mm, 150mm and 280mm. We have taken these designs to the next level in materials used, design elements, and weather resistance. You will simply not find a better rain gauge, period.

There has been a deliberate decision to use high-grade polycarbonate in the construction of our rain gauges. This is the same material used for bullet-proof glass! Our polycarbonate is UV resistant, non-yellowing and resists becoming brittle over time. Inferior versions of these ‘types’ of rain gauges that you will commonly see in the market are made from low grade polystyrene which is extremely brittle as soon as the product is released from the mould, and these rain gauges will typically ‘yellow’ over time – especially in harsh weather conditions. Also, the flat measuring bases in the Fjord gauges, allow for simplified cleaning of sediment etc.



·        Dual scale – measures 90mm and 3.5inches

·        Round base for easy cleaning

·        Durable printed measurements

·        Integral mounting bracket

·        Tough UV stabilized for longer life

·        Quick and easy to install