Measuring Jug- 2 Litre


Price: $11.45

Plastic Measuring Jug- 2 Litre

A comprehensive set of professional grade measuring containers – available in a broad range of sizes, from 100ml up to 5 litre jugs and even a 25 litre bucket. Fjord measures are used in many ways including agriculture, commercial baking, hospitality, industry, laboratories, clinically, domestically, and in a multitude of other commercial applications.



Consider the following carefully considered design elements that position Fjord measures at the front of the market:

Pouring Control

·        Our patented dual purpose non-drip spout is designed to allow controlled pouring of thin or thick liquids from a dribble, to bulk filling. 

Easy & Safe To Hold

·        Our patented handle is comfortable and gives real pouring control. This has been achieved though extensive research resulting in an ergonomically designed handle. The handles open design allows a gloved hand to carry a full jug with confidence and safety.

Robust Construction

·        The wall thickness of a Fjord Jug is calculated to ensure the strength of each Jug far exceeds the demands placed on the Jug. No broken handles or floppiness, which can be a common problem with cheap imitations.

Raised Measuring Graduations

·        Clear measurements are critical to the usefulness of a jug. Fjord Jugs have Raised Graduations which means you can clearly see the increments even if the markings are removed through wear. Graduations are available in ml’s and ml/US .fluid.oz dual scale.

Chemical Resistance

·        Made from food grade polypropylene, Fjord products are resistant to most agricultural chemicals in use today.



·        There is plenty of ‘free-board’ between the full measure and the top of a Fjord Jug. This ensures the jug can be carried when full without risk of spilling chemicals, thus making it extremely safe to use.