Weight Tape x 1

CODE: SH WeightTape

Price: $12.95

  • Calf (30- 200kg) 
  • Veal (0-127kg) 
  • Dairy (30- 800kg) 
  • Beef (0-700kg) 
  • Goat (0- 88kg) 
  • Pig (53- 118kg) 
  • Horse (0- 600kg) 

Please specify which animal weight tape is required.

Weight Tape x 1

These are standard Roll- up fabric tapes.


Calf: especially for Holstein dairy calves for newborn – 280lb (127kg).  Imperial measurements ONLY

Veal: for estimated weights of veal calves from 65- 460lb (30- 200kg) Veal Calves are presumed to be heavier then dairy at the same stage. Imperial measurements ONLY

Dairy: three scales for different breeds- Jersey, Guernsey and Holstein. Weights 30- 800kg

Beef: three scales for different body conditions from thin- fat. Weights up to 700kg.

Goat: weights up to 88kg (105cm girth)

Pig: measures both body length and girth to get more accurate measure. Weights from 125lb to 260lb (53- 118kg). Imperial measurements ONLY

Horse: to measure height in hands as well as estimate weight of ponies and horses up to 600kg.