Mr Crystal- Concrete Repair Kit x 1


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Mr Crystal- Concrete Repair Kit x 1

If you have any cracks, weak points, cold joints, porous surfaces starting to break up in your concrete, and even if you simply want to strengthen around your fittings or densify your concrete, this is the perfect product for you!

This extremely, versatile and durable product can be applied to either side of the concrete and it will travel between voids up to about 400mm from the point of application. You will get what’s called crystal growth which is the water proofing & strengthening effect.

Mr Crystal Concrete Tank & Trough Repair Kits are the simple answer to repairing all those leaking concrete tanks and troughs. Mr Crystal comes as a full kit to enable you to repair your concrete tanks and troughs with ease

Used correctly, Mr Crystal will help you rejuvenate concrete structures for the retention of liquid by the formation of insoluble crystals in the capillary tracts of the concrete. Mr Crystal has a reputation of being a cost effective, successful product, easily used by landholders and giving vastly superior results in its field.

Commonly, Mr Crystal is used to repair cracked concrete tanks and stock troughs and is accepted as "the" easy, successful and permanent method.


·        Mr Crystal is safe for use on concrete structures for potable water.

·        Mr Crystal is less toxic than the concrete your structure is made from.