Lifting Jack Plate - Y Post Lifter


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Innovation hand in hand with value and practicality is our specialty. We are always working on everyday solutions to make your job easier and the Lifting Jack Plate is a great way to get those posts out of the ground in no time.


With the ever growing evolution of farms on tighter budgets, relocating of fences and removal and re-use of Y posts is becoming more common. We bring you the tool that will get even the most difficult post out straight and fast. Ease of use, care of the post and safety at the forefront of its design.  


·        Designed to allow you to safely lift nearly all sizes of post from the ground from a standard post all the way up to a Clipex Beefy (the largest Y post on the market)

·        Easy fit to your tractor, crane or any lifting device

·        Chain and D shackle making fixing to almost anything easy