Lamb Feeder- Teat- EXCAL Little Softy x 5

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 Lamb Feeder- EXCAL Little Softy x 5


The Little Softy lamb/ kid teat has been designed especially for use in our gravity lamb feeders. The little softy features the same inverted tip- design as the ‘Big Softy’ calf teat, that is, fast flow for hungry animals and a non leak quality.


·        Will fit onto any feeders using Standard 2mm pull through

·        Enables calf feeders to be converted to lamb feeders

·       These are also the replacement teats for- Milk Train 4 place and Rail Bucket 1- place.

The ‘Little Softy’ is a very soft ‘starter’ teat. It will not stand up to heavy use by older lambs and kids. Teats should be changed to the ‘Regular’ teat at that stage.