Jambro Clip Gun x 1

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Jambro Clip Gun x 1


This easy to use tool is the ultimate in Netting clip pliers.  This is the tool that the professionals use to make the job both quicker & stronger. C Clips & pliers are a great way to do smaller jobs (please see in our store).

The Jambro Ring Fastening Gun works by using a spring fed clip fastening tool.  As easy to use as a stapler is. 

All you need to do is load a cartridge of fasteners into it, then as you move along the fence all you need to do is press the lever down and the clip is fed out of the gun and is fastened onto your fence wire in one quick easy press! So much easier than any other method and yet a very well-priced tool.

Just think about how long it will take you to do a whole fence line with the old pliers and think about all of the other jobs you could be doing because you were so quick, or because it was so easy that the Mrs & Kids can do it! At approx. 15 metres a minute is what you will be able to do at least with this incredible tool.


·       Smooth Comfortable Handle

·       Take Multi sized wires

·       Built to last