Hot Tape- 12mm 400m- White- Horsley Wholesale

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Horsley Wholesale believes that there is more to value for money than a product just being cheap. Often, "cheap" products are called that for a good reason.

We invest a lot of resources into finding true value for money where a product is well priced and worth every cent if not more, than what you pay for it. We test our products, usually to breaking point, and don't release them until we are satisfied that they exceed general expectations. 

This hot tape is a prime example of this strategy. It has 6 strands of 0.15mm stainless steel wire weaved throughout its poly coating, helping carry the charge. The wires are weaved in such a way that expansion and contraction are not going to be an issue in extreme conditions.

The weave on this particular tape is very tight and as a whole it is extremely well constructed. As one of the very best quality tapes we have seen.

High visibilty and quality are combined with this tape to make it the best priced, best quality tape available to you.

Please note that all tape of this type has resistance loss of approx 1 in 4. This means that you need to factor 4 x the distance that you want to run it, i.e 500m of a single line will require at least a 2km energiser.

Also no more than 400m should be run out either side (totalling 800m) of your energiser without some supporting infrastructure. Please feel free to ask us about this as it is a very important detail that you may not be aware of.