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Hawk Bird Scarer x 1

Wingtip to Wingtip- 74cm 

Head to Tail- 36cm


The Hawk Bird Scarer helps to scare away roosting birds if it is placed in such a way where the birds can see it. It must be ensured that the birds see the Hawk well before their nesting season as it would be difficult to scare them away afterwards. Swallows, starlings and sparrows are a few of the common birds that roost inside barns, sheds, warehouses and factories. The Hawk Bird Scarer, offered by, helps to solve problems of roosting birds in buildings, fruit orchards, fish ponds, palm trees, pet areas, vineyards and windows.

To keep the birds away from pools, suggests that customers place the Hawk Bird Scarer above the pool area or the area where the birds are creating damage. The Hawk Bird Scarer must be installed on the end of a 6 metre pipe with a diameter of 25 millimetres, making it stand erect at the edge of the pond. The Hawk Bird Scarer can also be fixed on a fishing line or thin wire to stand between tall trees, poles and so on.


·        Wingtip to Wingtip- 74cm

·        Head to Tail- 36cm

·        Perfect for:

o   Barns

o   Boats & Marinas

o   Bowling green

o   Berry crops

o   Broad acre crops

o   Domestic Vegetable gardens

o   Fish & Yabby breeding ponds

o   Fruit Orchards

o   Golf fairways

o   Newly planted seed lawns

o   Nut trees

o   Swimming pools

o   Radio/TV Antennas

o   Roosting birds. Eaves and trees