Staples and Fasteners

Stock-ade RingFast Pneumatic Air Clip Applicator Tool & 10 000 Clips Paslode

CODE: 12308 12305

$1150.90   $807.00
RING fast  pneumatic fastener The  RINGfast  pneumatic ring fastening tool quickly and consistently secures ring fasteners.... More

Jambro Clip Gun x 1

CODE: WW JambroClipGun

$85.00   $69.00
Jambro Clip Gun x 1   This easy to use tool is the ultimate in Netting clip pliers.  This is the tool that the professionals use... More

Jambro Clips x 1000

CODE: WW JambroClips

$25.00   $15.00
Jambro Clips x 1000   Jambro Clips are high tensile ring fasteners that are used with the Jambro Gun (please see description below).... More