Testers- Thunderbird Digital Fault Finder x 1

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 Fault Locator Electric Fence Tester
• Reads up tp 10,000 volts
• Displays fence performance in 100V incriments for accurate reading
•Digital display of volts, amps and direction of the fault
• Auto On/Off function
• Simple to use and time saving
Fault Finding Instructions.
1. To Test Energiser.
Disconnect wires from energiser & connect volt meter clips / hang plate to energiser terminals switch energiser on to test. If you get an excellent reading, this tells you that there is an issue on the fence and the energiser is working fine.
2. To Test Fence Line.
Connect the testers earth clip to the earth (dead ) wire, or to the ground ( soil )
- then place the steel hang bracket at the top rear of the tester case, to the live ( hot ) wire - the tester will automatically turn on and display the fence voltage or range.
 Test voltage at energiser.
Is voltage normal ?
NO - Test earth system.
  Is voltage more than 300 volts?
NO – Earth System is Inadequate. Improve earth system
YES - Earth is OK
YES – Reconnect fence to energiser.
Go to first cut out switch disconnect and test.
Is voltage at this point normal ?
YES - Fault is between energiser and first test point
NO - Go to next cut out switch –disconnect test voltage
-Continue until section of fence has been found to be faulty
Fault Finding Tip” 
Faults could be caused by shorts, vegetation, poor joints, faulty
insulation etc. In dry soil areas it is recommended to run earth
 wires parallel to the live wires, and use bentonite earth kits.
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