Petrol Post Driver- CONTRACTOR


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CONTRACTOR- Petrol Post Driver

Australian Made Contractor Petrol Post Driver




All the Power, all the drive, none of the effort.



  • The superbly designed GENUINE HONDA Contractor has been developed through a passion for making a difficult yet essential job, driving star posts in the ground effortlessly. The contractor has a removable sleeve that takes the driver from the 52mm standard Y post driver to a driver that will drive up to the Warrath Maxi post size with a 72mm outer guide sleeve. The 72mm guide sleeve will also allow you to drive a 2" pipe into the ground.

  • Driven by the powerful GENUINE HONDA, 4-Stroke 35cc engine, fuelled with unleaded straight from the bowser, for complete convenience, this tool is economical as well as efficient to run

  • Made from the highest grade materials throughout, there has been no compromise in quality in any aspect


  • With its versitile removable sleeve, it will drive your steel Y posts as well as timber stakes and with a simple slide out motion, it will go from a 52mm opening to a 69mm. This means that you can easily drive the large maxi type of post in the ground using minimal effort with a level of accuracy that needs to be seen to be believed.

  • Faster driving, less over driving and minimal damage to your posts makes the Contractor a much more versatile and handy fencing companion.

  • Built in Australia, these tools have been comprehensively trialled and tested in many situations from landscaping, farming, civil works as well as domestic applications.


DETAILS: The Motor




Completed with Honda's superior engine technology in this 360° inclinable 4-Stroke engine. The ultra-lightweight GX35 Mini 4-Stroke efficiently delivers the kind of efficient cleaner, powerful, quiet performance that you’d expect from a larger engine – but in a very compact package.

Advanced Technology

  • 4-stroke - no fuel/oil mixing
  • Full 360° "any-side-up" operation - use and store in any position
  • Exclusive rotary-slinger lubrication system

Fuel Efficient, High Output Operation

  • Approximately half the operating cost of comparable 2-stroke engines
  • Efficient port configuration and large diameter valves maximize power output
  • Lighter, more rigid valve train
  • Carburetor equipped with accelerator pump for fast, easy acceleration

Smooth Performance

  • Precision engineered components result in lower vibration
  • Lighter piston minimizes vibration
  • Ball bearing supported crankshaft for greater stability
  • Roller bearing supported connecting rod

Exceptionally Quiet

  • Belt-driven OHC design reduces mechanical noise
  • Large capacity, multi-chamber exhaust system
  • Sophisticated air intake system

Proven Reliability

  • High quality materials, fit, and finish
  • Lifetime timing belt design
  • Integrated fuel system protection
  • Diaphragm carburetor

Easy to Use and Maintain

  • Easily accessible spark plug
  • Easy to drain and re-fill oil
  • No mixing of gas and oil

Easy Starting

  • Exhaust decompression system
  • Unique low inertia design

Emissions Compliant

  • CARB and EPA certified
  • No catalyst necessary

Coupled with the superior engineering of the body of the Post Driver, the HONDA 35cc motor produces less noise and smoke making them environmentally friendly, certainly much more than any 2 stroke ever would be.


The tool itself is made to the highest possible standard with superior engineering and quality inclusions such as…

  • CNC machined body

  • High grade stainless steel fixings

  • Fully machined guide tube with optional interchangeable accessories

  • Protective fuel tank cover

  • Cushioned, non slip handles with Anti Vibration Technology

  • Conveniently located safety trigger with stop button

  • Removable top handle, perfect for use with accessories

  • Over 1700 blows a minute

  • Hearing protection is required as the noise levels are over 100DB


Delivers excellent torque and performance via an all-35CC HONDA Motor

  • 360° fully inclinable operation Meaning that you can operate this tool on any angle

  • Anti- vibration for lowered fatigue on operator

  • Completely stand alone and portable with no cords or wires to hinder the operator

  • Minimum damage to posts

  • Removable handle for easy transportation and for use with the many accessories

  • Complete with black poly tub for safe storage.


  • Starts first time, every time with Honda easy  pull start 4 stroke system

  • Easy-grip side handles and removable top handle

  • Lightweight  even with the superior quality of solid CNC machined body and guide shaft for excellent manoeuvrability, strength and accuracy at appro 15kg (Including removable handle & full fuel tank)


  • Uses unleaded fuel so you'll never have to mix oil and fuel again

  • Environmentally friendly with low emissions, less noise and low fuel consumption

  • Added protection from vibration with the spring cushioned handles

  • Poly tub for safe easy storage



  • 2 year Comprehensive Warranty All working parts ; only exclusion is operator error/damage

  • 2 year Comprehensive Body & Frame Warranty ; only exclusion is operator error/damage

PLEASE NOTE: All parts are warranted for 2 years EXCEPT FOR THE ANVILLE. The Anville is a wearing part and is designed to break to protect all other more expensive parts of the machine. Warranty is a Parts Only Warranty.


  • Hearing protection must be worn

  • Eye protection must be worn

  • Gloves are advisable

  • Pinch points must be considered

  • Correct lifting technique should be followed

  • Safe use and storage of flammable material regulations must be adhered to

  • All general OHS & Safety Rules and Regulations apply to the use of this tool