Gate Kit- Bungee Gate 7m x 1

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Bungee Gate 7m x 1



·      Bungee gate up to 5 metre gateways

·        Very simple to use & effective

·        Flexibility to suit most styles of electric fencing gateways

·        Australian made

·        Includes:

o   Bungee Cord with 5 x Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wires

o   Anchor- 3 way

o   Gate handle

o   Insulators

Simply stretch the bungee cord across the gate way & hook your gate handle into one of the 3 holes in the anchor & your gate way will be protected.

Take the handle out of the loop and YOU are protected! No accidental zapping as you pass through.

These kits allow you to simply hang the handle on the gate while you pass through without livening it up as well as not shorting out your entire fence.